Former Mayor of Coral Springs

Roy Gold, Former Mayor of Coral Springs

This website is from Roy Gold's successful 2010 campaign for Mayor. Because of term limits, Roy Gold is not a candidate in the 2012 election. For election information, see

Endorsements – Community

Commissioner Gold picked up support from local community leaders and residents including:

Metro Broward Professional Fire Fighters, Local 3080

The Coral Springs Forum,  “The Forum endorses Gold…” The Coral Springs Forum writes, “Gold, a commissioner since 2004, has a distinguished level of experience and accomplishments, which make him the preferred choice for the  post.  …Gold has the proven track record and is the stronger choice for the post.”

The REALTOR Association  of Greater Fort Lauderdale

Broward County AFL-CIO

Cindy Brief            David Carr       Joy Carter       Connie Calberg       

Donald Eckler     Paul Ehlin         Dae Gilmer

” I haven’t forgotten the time we spent together on School Advisory.  My son is a senior this year.  Good luck and thank you for all you do for our City.  I proudly endorse you.”   Bob Goldfarb

Robert Grauer        Linda Hanson        Jodi Harkavy

Steve Hathorn        Dave Hulett           Lawrence ‘Larry’ Johnson

Andy Kasten           Shirley Klein          Sid Kopperl

Michael Lang          Robert Legg, Sr.   Laurie Leoce

Dr. Mark Lieberman                                Dan Kassem

Thankachan Kizhakeparampil            Michael Kopin

John McNamara, President Metro Broward Professional Firefighters, Local 3080

Mary Macomber

“Congratulations on your appointment and acceptance as Chair of the Management Efficiency Study Committee.  A formidable assignment but in the best of hands.  Delighted you’re running for Mayor and I will give all the support I can.”  Dr. Dan [Daniel] Mason

Jack Miller                 Stuart Moss

“The City is in need of a leader and consensus builder who places the long term interests of the City above those of the individual.  I look forward to that roll being filled by you.”   Bernard [Bernie]  Moyle

Al & Pat Nigro          Gabriela Perez-Carpenter

Joseph Panikulangara            Mathew Poovan

Dr. Manny Porth                       Joe Sabourin

Stanley and Laura Sarentino

Brittnany Schemtob               Alex Sebastian

Doug Serrano                           

“Roy Gold is  a gem of a guy and a serious and caring public servant who consistently  stands by his principles. What a concept in this day and age. . .   He is a steward of the environment and the pocketbooks of the citizens of Coral Springs.  Roy is also a very good family man who cares deeply about Coral Springs and Broward County.”    Don Silver

Richard, Alice and Andrea Simon

Abe & Ada Steinberg            Bruce Weinberg          Amy Wiles                                

“Roy Gold has accomplished more for the City Of Coral Springs than anyone else in the 21 years I’ve lived here. His efforts, environmentally and civically, are evident everywhere one cares to look. Go Green, Vote Gold.”        Robert Wolf, longtime resident, Coral Springs Neighborhood and Environmental Committee and volunteer

Diane Yousefi                   Janice Zaitz

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