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This website is from Roy Gold's successful 2010 campaign for Mayor. Because of term limits, Roy Gold is not a candidate in the 2012 election. For election information, see

February 8, 2010

Campaign Finance Reports Through December 2009

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The Roy Gold for Mayor campaign has released the following campaign finance reports:

“Note that the same information contained herein has also been timely filed with the Coral Springs City Clerk, as required by Section 106.07, F.S., and may also be viewed there, as a public record.”

December 31, 2009

“Sustainonomics” cover story in American City & County magazine features Commissioner Roy Gold

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Photo illustration of green projects positively affecting the bottom line

When American City & County magazine published a cover story feature on the economic benefits of environmental sustainability, it began and ended the story with Coral Springs Commissioner Roy Gold.



Nov 1, 2009 12:00 PM, By Robert Barkin

Interest in green projects grows when they show a positive bottom line
Decades ago, when Roy Gold became aware of the importance of environmentalism at the first Earth Day celebration, people considered him a “tree hugger” and dismissed his passion for preserving natural resources as the quixotic campaign of a young college graduate. Today, as a businessman and city councilmember in Coral Springs, Fla., Gold’s motivation in his quest for sustainability has changed from the fire of youthful passion to a hard-eyed pragmatism driven as much by dollars and cents as the need for preserving the planet’s ecology.

“This is not based on ‘Let’s help the planet,’” Gold says about his city’s initiatives. “It’s based on economics. We can reduce the use of energy and costs. We can reduce the waste of water and reduce costs. People are looking at the bottom line.”

Read the rest on the magazine web site or in this PDF of the November 2009 cover story

December 24, 2009

Roy Gold recognized for role in securing signing bonus for cities

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Click to read story (PDF)

The Coral Springs Forum Dec. 24 edition recognized Commissioner and Resource Recovery Board Member Roy Gold for his work to secure “a $12 million signing bonus for member cities in a contract that is to be signed next year between the county, the board and Wheelabrator, a company that operates the waste-to- energy facilities where solid waste is disposed for 26 cities in the county.”

The new contract will result in savings of $44 million for the Broward waste disposal district, said Ron Greenstein, RRB executive director. “There is going to be a 36 percent reduction in waste-disposal costs,” Greenstejn said. “Coral Springs will be able to save over $4 million a year.”

Greenstein lauded Gold for his efforts that resulted in the bonus. “It was his idea; it was a tough negotiation, but it paid off in the end. It was out of the box thinking [and] I applaud him for that.”

“Cities have always given incentives for businesses, [but] it is the other way in this case,” Greenstein said. “I’ve been an elected official for 20 years [and] I’ve not seen this happen before.”

Read: Cities to get signing bonus for energy contract (PDF)

November 6, 2009

Our Town News: Coral Springs 2010 Mayoral Campaign Kicks Off With Familiar, New Candidates

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By Nicol Jenkins

The race for the new Coral Springs Mayor for 2010 has begun.

A year before Election Day, three candidates have put in their bids to become the new Mayor. The first being current City Commissioner and environmental activist Roy Gold, who held the first campaign party this past week at the Walk.

Two newcomers have also declared their intent to run, including the youngest candidate, 20-year-old Max Lashin, and James Gleason.

Gold says he wants to be the next Mayor so he can make a difference in the areas of public safety, economy, education, environment, and aesthetics of the city.

“I want to work with others to help achieve benefits for our residents in these tough economic times. I will actively work with the Commission in supporting the Coral Springs business model that has served our community. Working to enhance the quality of life our community represents; supporting issues citizens tell me they are most concerned about; public safety, education and the natural beauty and aesthetic of our city,” said Gold.

“I have established great relationships with city and county leaders. I am thankful for the support I have with members of the Coral Springs Chamber, our business community, board members of our various committees and our residents. I will continue to be responsive to our residents by being a good listener and continue working with all levels of city government to enhance our efficiency and effectiveness,” added Gold.

Lashin says he can bring a fresh approach to the city. He’s planning a campaign event for January.

“I was running for Commission and people kept telling me to run for Mayor. I will focus on three areas: public safety, education and the pristine look of the city. All three have a place in my heart since I was raised in the city, and I want to make sure they are continued in the future so the next generation gets the same that I got,” said Lashin.

James Gleason, who has lived in Coral Springs for nine years, says he wants to run to ensure public safety, education, business acquirement and the look of the city.

“I’ve seen a lot of changes happen over the last few years, regarding public safety, education, the look of the city and business acquirement. I am increasingly more concerned with the direction the city is taking,” said Gleason.

Gleason says he has the needed background to become Mayor. He is involved with the Customer Involved Government Committee, the Government Academy, and has over 20 years experience in government contracting at the federal and state level.

As for new faces, Gold responded, “Everyone has the right to be involved in government. I do not know the experience they bring to the city and what they have done for the community, but I will say that running for Mayor is not a position that I feel someone should run for without any direct experience. I have been active in our city government for over twenty years, first as a citizen activist working on many different committees supporting education and the environment, and in the past five years as a City Commissioner and Vice Mayor. We are in challenging economic times and we need an experienced, effective and committed leader that can unite our city leadership.”

Gold’s Campaign Party

Gold held the first campaign party with support from city leaders, family and students.

Many local leaders praised Gold for dedication to the city and work with environmental issues and strong fiscal responsibility. Gold has been known for being the “note taking Commissioner” and work on environmental issues and the teen political forum.

“I think Roy will make a great Mayor. It will be a continuation of the good work and devotion that he has done for the city,” said Former Coral Springs Mayor Ron Ernest-Jones.

Connie Carberg, an active member of the Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce, added, “We need someone who believes in the city and he does.”

Vice Mayor Vince Boccard calls Gold a “true activist and historian” of the city.

“He understands what the city needs, and I think he would do a good job,” said Boccard.

Campaign manager Bruce Weinberg praised Gold for the teen political forum, the Waterway Cleanup, and many other city initiatives.

“He has always been there for the city,” said Weinberg.

His biggest supporter, his wife Janet, spoke about his many years of volunteering and service to the city.

“He walks the walk and talks the talk,” said Janet.

Gold thanked the community, his volunteers wearing Roy Gold for Mayor shirts, and local leaders for their support. He has been a 30-year Coral Springs resident and served six years on the City Commission.

“I have been a life long volunteer and want to continue to be involved in public service,” said Gold.

November 2, 2009

Commissioner Gold to serve a second time as Sergeant-at-Arms at NLC’s national meeting

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Commissioner Roy Gold has agreed to serve for the second year in a row as Sergeant-at-Arms at the National League of Cities 2009 Annual Business Meeting in San Antonio on Saturday, November 14. Approximately 1,000 delegates from around the country will take part in this annual conference.

As sergeant-at-arms appointed by the NLC president, Gold is responsible for enforcing the NLC’s official rules and procedures, as well as tallying all votes taken on the floor. The Annual Business Meeting is part of the NLC’s Congress of Cities event, which brings together city officials from across the country to discuss issues and challenges facing local governments. Networking opportunities, speakers and training sessions also are available.

“This is certainly a rare privilege and honor to again be asked to serve as Sergeant-at-Arms at the 2009 NLC Congress of Cities in San Antonio,” Gold said. “I’m always pleased to be able to represent Coral Springs and at this National event, I will serve proudly.”

Gold has been active in NLC since 2004. He serves on the NLC’s Leadership Training Council and The Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Steering Committee. Gold currently represents The Florida League of Cities as a member of the Board of Directors and is 1st Vice President of the Broward League of Cities.

The National League of Cities is the oldest and largest national organization representing municipal governments throughout the United States. Its mission is to strengthen and promote cities as centers of opportunity, leadership and governance. For more information, visit

July 16, 2009

Commissioner Gold Appointed Chair of Broward County Management & Efficiency Study Committee

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Press Release from City of Coral Springs

Commissioner Gold Appointed Chair of Broward County Management & Efficiency Study Committee

City Commissioner Roy Gold recently was appointed chairman of Broward County’s Management & Efficiency Study Committee (MESC). Gold’s term lasts from April 2009 until April 2011.

The 17-member panel will take the next two years of its term reviewing and analyzing Broward County government and recommending cost-effective and efficient ways to deliver core services to residents. The MESC acts as an advisory group to the County Commission. The members will deliver an interim report in 2010 and a final report by June 1, 2011.

“This panel, empowered by the County Commission, will seek methods to find areas within County government to reach cost savings and efficiencies,” Gold said. “The members of the committee represent all segments of our communities, and I look forward to working with this dynamic group of individuals.”

The Broward County Charter gives legal binding to the Management & Efficiency Study Committee. The first MESC met in 1996, and must produce a final report every six years. In 1998, voters approved a County Charter amendment that required the MESC to meet in 2009 and every six years thereafter. This new schedule is to allow for a one-year gap between meetings of the MESC and the County’s Charter Review Committee.

During the last MESC session from June 2004 to June 2006, members tackled a variety of issues, including affordable housing, emergency preparedness, growth management and transportation.

For more information on the committee or to read its reports, visit

June 25, 2009

Commissioner Gold Appointed Vice Chair of Sustainability Committee

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Coral Springs News Release

For Immediate Release                                                                      June 25, 2009

Contact: Christine Verdi-Sarwar                                                                954-344-1091

Commissioner Gold appointed vice chair
of sustainability committee

City Commissioner Roy Gold recently was appointed vice chairman of the Broward League of Cities’ Sustainability Committee. In his role as vice chairman, Gold will serve as meeting leader in the absence of the committee chairperson. Gold’s term as vice chairman is one year.

The Sustainability Committee has four subcommittees tackling green initiatives, water conservation, growth management and transportation. Gold also serves on the green initiatives subcommittee. The Sustainability Committee recently met for the first time to begin preliminary discussions about a legislative action plan. Subcommittees will then meet on their own to decide the best way to proceed to reach set goals.

Sustainability in government has increased in importance and the Broward League of Cities has focused its resources and members on this issue.  Commissioner Gold said, “We the representatives of Broward County cities will actively seek ways to better use our scarce resources and manage our regional focus for now and in the future.”

Gold, elected to the Coral Springs City Commission in 2004, has been a longtime environmental activist. For the past fourteen years, Gold has been the City’s site leader for the annual Broward Waterway Cleanup. The Coral Springs site regularly attracts the most volunteers.

Gold also serves as the League’s first vice president on its 2009-2010 Board of Directors. Chartered in 1957, the non-profit Broward League of Cities represents and guides the county’s 31 municipal governments. For more on the Broward League, visit their website at

May 5, 2009

Commissioner Roy Gold Announces Run for Mayor of Coral Springs

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Read the story in Our Town News

Today, two-term Commissioner and community activist Roy Gold announced his candidacy for Mayor of Coral Springs. Gold, a longtime Coral Springs resident and countywide environmental and education advocate, is the first to declare for this seat.

“It has been gratifying serving the citizens of Coral Springs over the past five years, ” said Commissioner Gold, who also chairs several City and County committees and organizations that focus on providing responsive and efficient local government, community sustainability and citizen involvement. “My experience on the commission has given me great insight into what we need to do in these pivotal years to continue to make Coral Springs the most desirable location to live, work and raise a family.”

Just today, Commissioner Gold picked up support from prominent state and local officials including State Representative Ari Porth, North Lauderdale Mayor Jack Brady, Tamarac Mayor Beth Talabisco, and Parkland Commissioner Jared Moskowitz.

“These are challenging times requiring strong leadership and a commitment to following a vision, ” said Gold. He added that Coral Springs was the first local government in the United States to receive the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. “I am hopeful the citizens of our fine City share my commitment to public service. There is no question, our Commission, staffers and employees all share a common vision, focusing on earning the trust and confidence of our citizens every day.”

Commissioner Gold, who is also a business owner, says he is extremely proud of several other City accomplishments since he has been in office including strengthening the relationship between the City and local businesses. One example of this is the two-phase modifications to our sign code and another is the potential partnership with business leaders to make it more beneficial to build LEED/Silver [energy efficient] buildings in Coral Springs Park of Industry, which will help attract more jobs, leverage responsible sustainable development, while respecting the environment.

Also top-of-mind is the new and redeveloped Mullins Park Public Safety Buildings with our Communication Center and our currently being-built LEED silver-certified fire station. “The citizens voted for these projects, said Gold. “They will all contribute toward a better more energy efficient and safer community, something residents have told us is a priority.”

Commissioner Gold has taken a leadership role in ensuring that all Coral Springs children receive a quality education through his past involvement in The District Advisory Council, as a leader of North Area and as Chairman of the Coral Springs Principal Education Committee.

Community beautification has always been a focus for Gold, who chairs the city’s Neighborhood and Environmental Committee. “We are committed to a pedestrian-friendly community with lots of trees, sidewalks, bike paths, streetscapes and linear parks,” concluded Commissioner Gold.

Gold has filed the required papers at the City Hall and opened up his campaign account to run for Mayor.

The mayoral race will occur on November 2, 2010.

December 23, 2008

Commissioner Gold serves as Sergeant-at-Arms for National League of Cities

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News Release

For Immediate Release                                                                   December 23, 2008

Contact: Maria Fuentes-Archilla                                                                             954-344-1131

Commissioner Gold serves as Sergeant-at-Arms

for NLC annual meeting

Commissioner Roy Gold served as sergeant-at-arms at the National League of Cities 2008 Annual Business Meeting in Orlando on Saturday, November 15.

As sergeant-at-arms appointed by the NLC president, Gold was responsible for enforcing the NLC’s official rules and procedures, as well as tallying all votes taken on the floor. The Annual Business Meeting is part of the NLC’s Congress of Cities event, which brings together city officials from across the country to discuss issues and challenges facing local governments. Networking opportunities, speakers and training sessions also are available.

“I am honored that the League offered me this responsibility at the national meeting,” Gold said.

Gold has been active in the NLC since 2004.  He serves on the NLC’s Leadership Training Council and The Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Steering Committee.  Gold currently represents The Florida League of Cities as a member of the Board of Directors and is 2nd Vice President of the Broward League of Cities.

The National League of Cities is the oldest and largest national organization representing municipal governments throughout the United States.  Its mission is to strengthen and promote cities as centers of opportunity, leadership and governance. For more information, visit


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