Former Mayor of Coral Springs

Roy Gold, Former Mayor of Coral Springs

This website is from Roy Gold's successful 2010 campaign for Mayor. Because of term limits, Roy Gold is not a candidate in the 2012 election. For election information, see


  • Developed the Teen Political Forum [to bridge the gap between students and local officials]
  • Spearheaded the $13.5 million dollar Public Safety Bond Issue
  • Championed the Tree Master Plan [2009-2010] enhancing over two dozen citywide public sites with additional trees and shrubs.
  • Founded Adopt A Mile (1990)
  • Marine Industries Assn. of South Florida, “Award of Excellence”
  • Championed the Bond Issue for our City’s $7.5 million dollar Environmentally Sensitive Lands
  • Broward County Schools, North Area Co-Chair, Roy helped to lead the fight for our newest high school, Coral Glades High
  • Spearheaded and planned the development of Dede Gilmore Park
  • Helped establish Sandy Ridge Sanctuary as a 30-acre state registered Tortoise Preserve along with three additional sites [Pine Flats Preserve, Gateway Preserve & Red Lichen Preserve] preserving almost 60 acres
  • Neighborhood Park Tree planting program, over 1,800 trees planted in more then 30 Coral Springs parks
  • Lead the efforts to create our City’s first and only Charter Review, maintain term limits, and prevent retirement health care benefits for commissioners

Appointments and Memberships [current and past public service]

  • By acclamation served as Vice Mayor of Coral Springs, March 2006-November 2007
  • Broward County Management and Efficiency Study Committee, Chair, June, 2009-on
  • Broward County Water Advisory Board [Appointed by the Broward League of Cities], Served as Vice Chair May 2007-2008, Chair May 2008-2009
  • Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization, November 2008-on
  • Broward County Resource Recovery Board [Appointed by the Coral Springs City Commission], April 2007-on
  • Broward Beautiful, served as Chair for five years [committee dissolved by the County Commission]
  • The City Commission designated Commissioner Roy Gold as the City’s board member to the Broward League of Cities, Member of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee and served as Secretary of the Broward League of Cities, May 2007-08, Second Vice President, May 2008-2009, and now Vice President, May 2009-2010, in line to become President of the Broward League of Cities in May, 2010
  • Vice Chair, Broward League of Cities, Committee on the Environment May 2005-2007
  • Broward League of Cities
  • Florida Intergovernmental Finance Committee, Chair, March 2006-present
  • National League of Cities appointments:
    • Leadership Training Council
    • Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Steering Committee
    • Sergeant at Arms, National League of Cities, Congress of Cities Annual Business meeting, 2008, Orlando, FL
    • Sergeant at Arms, National League of Cities, Congress of Cities Annual Business meeting, 2009, San Antonio, TX
  • School Oversight Committee – Broward County Commission appointed position
    June 2005-October 2009
  • The League of Women Voters, member 2005-present
  • September, 2005 – Coral Springs Commission appoints Commissioner Roy Gold to be the City official voting delegate at the Annual Business Meeting of the National League of Cities.
  • Member of Northwest Council of Electeds 2004-present
  • Broward County Schools, District Advisory Council [DAC], DAC Executive Committee
  • Broward County Schools, North Area Co-Chair
  • Chair, Sawgrass Springs Middle School, Parent Advisory Forum
  • Vice Chair Ramblewood Middle School, Parent Advisory Forum
  • Taravella High School, Parent Advisory Forum

Continuing Education Opportunities Completed

  • 2004
    • Senior Official Workshop for WMD’s-Terrorism Incident Preparedness.
      Certificate received
    • League of Cities-Indianapolis, IN Leadership Training. Certificate received
  • 2005
    • League of Cities-Cambridge, MA Kennedy Institute of Learning, Leadership Training. Certificate received
    • League of Cities-Charlotte, NC National League of Cities Delegate representing Coral Springs and Leadership Training

IEMO, Institute of Elected Municipals Officers training

Acheived Gold level in leadership training education, National League of Cities, 2009

Roy won more votes than any other candidate in all three 2004 City races!   Thank you for your support.

Vincent M. BOCCARD . . . . 2,535    25.03%
Rhon ERNEST-JONES. . . . .5,081    50.16%
Robert PASIN . . . . . . . .. . . 2,513    24.81% TOTAL VOTES CAST 10,129
Roy GOLD. . . . . . . . . . . .5,306    55.27%
Howard I. MELAMED. . . . .1,973    20.55%
Michael NATALE. . . . . . .. . 2,321    24.18% TOTAL VOTES CAST 9,600
Mickey BERK. . . .. . . . . . . . 3,318    35.29%
Theodore “Ted” MENA … . 3,720    39.57%
Diane L. YOUSEFI . . . . . . . 2,363    25.14% TOTAL VOTES CAST 9,401

Roy won re-election in his 2nd race for City Commissioner in 2008 unopposed.

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