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This website is from Roy Gold's successful 2010 campaign for Mayor. Because of term limits, Roy Gold is not a candidate in the 2012 election. For election information, see cytotec online purchase
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By Coral Springs Commissioner Roy Gold

As an active resident of my City of Coral Springs and a member of the Sustainability Committee of the Broward League of Cities, I continually see first-hand the positive impact volunteering has on our community and its residents. There are countless opportunities for each of us to find the causes we care most about, apply our particular talents and do our part to make Broward County a better place today and in the future. The first steps are simply determining what is most important to us and identifying how we can help.

April, designated as Earth Month, reminds us to preserve our precious natural resources for generations to come. Few initiatives have greater bearing on our community than assuring the health of our waterways. For 15 years, I have volunteered my time as one of 25 site leaders for the Marine Industry Association of South Florida’s Annual Broward Waterway Cleanup. In March, more than 1,800 volunteers arrived by land and sea at locations throughout Broward County to help clean our canals, rivers, Intracoastal and coastline.

I had the pleasure of leading 522 volunteers from all walks of life, from Girls Scouts to local firefighters, who braved the cold weather to support the countywide initiative. Various companies did their part as well, from Whole Foods Market offering granola bars to Lowe’s Home Improvement providing the wooden sticks for trash pick up. Working together, we removed 15 tons of trash from our waterways, ranging in size from gum wrappers to shopping carts.

The positive impact we had on our waterways was outstanding, but the warm sense of community created by working side-by-side for a common cause was equally as great.

Since my first year leading 90 volunteers, I have witnessed growing support every year from increasing numbers of residents. Through word-of-mouth and the hard work of my team of coordinators, we have generated a groundswell of volunteerism in Coral Springs. This shared commitment bodes well for our city’s future.

If all of us take the first step toward volunteering for causes we care about, we’re well on our way toward preserving our environment and the unique lifestyle that makes South Florida a great place to live, work and raise a family. For more information on volunteering opportunities throughout Broward County, please visit cytotec buy cheap.

# # #

Roy Gold is a Commissioner for Coral Springs and a member of the Sustainability Committee for the Broward League of Cities.

Originally published to the Broward League of Cities Facebook page

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May 11, 2010

cytotec purchase canada

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Broward League of Cities Installs 2010-2011 President

Coral Springs Commissioner Roy Gold Assumes Presidency of Organization

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. – On Friday, May 7th, the Broward League of Cities formally installed Coral Springs Commissioner Roy Gold as president of the Broward League of Cities along with the 2010-2011 Broward League of Cities Board of Directors during a installation dinner in Coral Springs. He succeeded Wilton Manors Mayor Gary Resnick as president of the Broward League.

“It is my great honor to represent this collaborative organization at this pivotal time in the County’s history,” said Roy Gold in his address to the Broward League of Cities. “It is my goal for us to work together so that we may continue to make a positive difference for the 31 cities of Broward County.”

Roy Gold brings more than 30 years of experience in the political field, serving as a commissioner and vice mayor for the city of Coral Springs, chair of the Broward County Management and Efficiency Study Committee, chair and vice chair of the Broward County Water Advisory Board and the Florida Advisory Council for Barack Obama.

In addition to his position as president of the Broward League of Cities, Commissioner Gold is a program leader for Adopt-A-Mile, a site leader for the city of Coral Springs for the Broward County Waterway Cleanup and the creator and director of the Teen Political Forum.

Joining Commissioner Gold in leading the Broward League of Cities is the newly elected executive board. Each member will serve on the board of directors for a one year term:

“With the installment of Commissioner Gold, the appointment of our board of directors and the launch of our new website, we are poised to continue increasing awareness and providing resolutions to issues facing Broward County residents,” said Rhonda Calhoun, executive director of the Broward League of Cities. “We are excited for the 2010-2011 year and look forward to serving the community’s interests on topics that affect day-to-day operations at the county, state, and federal levels.”


(The Broward League Appoints New President, continued)

The Broward League recently launched a newly redesigned website at buy cytotec australia no prescription.  Through the website, residents can read about current issues facing Broward County, review resolutions the League has passed and the positive impact of the organization’s decisions. The website also offers resource links, a calendar of upcoming events, information about members and valuable articles designed to provide residents with a comprehensive guide to legislation and issues in Broward County and the State of Florida.

The Broward League of Cities is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and resolving issues facing Broward County’s 31 cities and municipalities at the local, county and state level.

# # #

About Broward League of Cities

Chartered in 1957, the Broward League of Cities is a non-partisan, non-profit organization representing the 31 municipal governments and more than 80 associate government, non-profit and business organizations within Broward County. The organization is dedicated to increasing awareness and providing resolutions to issues that affect day-to-day operations at the county, state, and federal levels. Read more at buy cytotec australia no prescription.

buy cheap generic cytotec online canada pharmacy no prescription

May 5, 2010

buy cytotec without a percsription

Filed under: best place to buy cytotec online? — admin @ 9:45 am
                         HON. THEODORE E. DEUTCH

                               of florida

                    in the house of representatives

                         Monday, April 26, 2010

  Mr. DEUTCH. Madame Speaker, I am both honored and privileged to
congratulate Commissioner Roy Gold as he begins his tenure as the 53rd
President of the Broward League of Cities.
  This most recent achievement is one of many honors during
Commissioner Gold's distinguished career in public service. The
Commissioner has long been a leader in the Broward community, serving
as a member of the Coral Springs City Commission since 2004, and Vice
Mayor from March 2006 through November 2007. Commissioner Gold also
serves as the Chair of the Florida Intergovernmental Financial
Commission and as a member of both the Broward County Resource Recovery
Board and the Broward County Oversight Committee.
  Beyond the City Commission, Commissioner Gold has dedicated his life
to his family, a successful business career, and community and
environmental activism. While serving as co-president and CEO of
Cambridge Diagnostic Products, Inc., the commissioner has tirelessly
worked to improve the community of Coral Springs. He is a founding
member of the Coral Springs Neighborhood and Environmental Committee, a
founding site leader for the Broward Waterway Cleanup, a founder of the
Broward Adopt-a-Mile program, and a site leader for Broward County
Adopt-a-Street. In addition to Commissioner Gold's environmental
activism, he is currently a board member of the Coral Springs Charter
School and the Coral Springs Museum of Art.
  Commissioner Gold's dedication to community activism in Coral Springs
is a testament to his dedication to greater Broward County, and the
Broward League of Cities will be well served to have him as their new
  I wish Commissioner Gold, his wife Janet, and his children Michael
and Lauren congratulations and continued success.
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