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This website is from Roy Gold's successful 2010 campaign for Mayor. Because of term limits, Roy Gold is not a candidate in the 2012 election. For election information, see cytotec online purchase
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From Our Town News / cytotec buy cheap

Roy with volunteers

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By Racine Higgins
Staff Intern

Teens all across Coral Springs and Parkland recently gathered together at Riverside Park for the annual Broward Waterway Cleanup arranged by Coral Springs City Commissioner Roy Gold.

When the gates opened early that morning, parents and students alike piled through all heading to registration tables, getting equipment such as pikes, grabbing a granola bar by the concession stand and moving on their way.

More than 500 residents helped to clean up the Broward waterways. Some found shoes, trash, and keys among other items.

Local teens Ashley Schentov and Megan Lindsteron, who attend Coral Springs Charter School, both showed up on crutches to support the cause. One might think typical teenagers would be fast asleep until midday, but not these two. When asked what really brought them out of bed for the cleanup, they responded, “support.”

One small group of children giving up their Saturday morning cartoons for volunteer work were the American Heritage Girls or AHG. They are a Christian base group that has a growing rate of many troops in 33 states.

Coral Springs City Commissioner Roy Gold was very pleased with the outcome this year.

“The cleanup started 15 years ago, and this is probably the most participants we’ve had since last year. At least 90 volunteers took part to help this organization grow,” said Commissioner Gold, “I am personally grateful of the support from the schools in the area. Some of the other sponsors included Kilwins and Whole Foods Market, among other community businesses and residents.”

Susan Spencer, who has been working with Gold to help with the cleanup for six years, was in charge of registering the hundreds of participants.

“In my opinion, this is more people than ever. I’m glad that the community has come together to work like a well oiled machine. The group of volunteers make everything easier,” said Spencer.

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March 6, 2010

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